Bella Hadid owns over 200 pairs of trainers.

The 20-year-old model has admitted she has always been ''obsessed'' with shoes and she has built up an extensive collection of Nike footwear over the years, although she has had to give her mother, Yolanda Hadid, some of her Kanye West's Yeezys, much to her disappointment.

Speaking in a video shared on, the brunette beauty - who partnered with the sportswear giant last year - said: ''I have always been obsessed with Nike my whole life. I never actually thought I would work with Nike.

''I really only have Nike's in my closet, and there's about 200 of those.

''My mom took those and I got really mad at her. I was like, those are some collectors' s**t, you know?'

''When I moved to New York I signed with Nike, and I only wore Nike.''

The catwalk icon has revealed she has always been a fan of the brand ever since she was growing up and would wear trainers to school to ''express'' herself.

She said: ''It's funny Air force Ones growing up they were like my favourite things on the planet. I had every single colour customised because I always love paying for things myself. I couldn't find Jordans, and they were always really expensive. I went to a private school for a year, and I had my uniform with my Air Force Ones and that's kind of how I rolled. The sneakers were the statement piece because that's how I could express myself.

''I've always been to Vans, high tops and low tops. Growing up it was always Vans, and Doc Martens, and low tops and Air Force Ones, and that was all I wore, and Converse.

''I love my shoes. I think sneakers are number one in fashion, if you have sicker sneakers it can either make or break your look, but everybody works really hard to make the best sneaker and I think that is what's so cool about fashion. Basketball, rappers, models, everyone comes together to make the sickest shoes they possibly can.

''It is all about personality.''

Bella thinks the ''hottest thing'' anyone can wear is a pair of sleek shoes, and it is the ''first thing'' she takes note of when she sets her sights on a man.

The fashion muse - who previously dated The Weeknd - said: ''For me, I feel like girls look so sexy in tennis shoes, I think it's the dopest thing you could wear with a dress, or whatever you wanted, I think it's the hottest thing a girl could wear.

''And sneakers on a man is definitely the first thing I look at. If you're going to have a dope shoe that both guys and girls can wear - matching shoes that's dope.''