Bella Hadid is a ''good flirter''.

The 19-year-old supermodel - who is currently dating singer songwriter The Weeknd, whose real name is Abęl Makkonen Tesfaye - has admitted she has a playful personality, although she doesn't ''try'' to be flirtatious.

Speaking in a clip on Calvin Klein's Instagram about her personality, the brunette beauty - who has been announced as the new face of the designer labels Autumn Winter 2016 campaign, which was photographed by Tyrone Lebon - said: ''I think my personality I flirt and I don't mean to, so I guess that means I'm a good flirter. But I don't try.''

And Bella has revealed she isn't a bad-tempered feisty female, although she is determined to get her own way.

She explained: ''I don't have a bad temper I just know what I want ... kind of. I don't know I just want what I want.''

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles-born star - who signed to IMG Models in 2014 - has confessed she is ''so excited'' to collaborate with the fashion house on their recent campaign alongside 'Suicide Squad' actress Margot Robbie.

Speaking previously about her latest fashion venture, which sees Bella pose topless except for a pair of dark denim jeans leaning up against a mirror with the title ''I mirror you in my Calvins'' emblazoned across the advertisement, said: ''so excited to announce my new Calvin Klein campaign!! shot by Tyrone Lebon i mirror you in#mycalvins (sic).''

The latest advertisement from the long-standing label also features 'Swim Good' hitmaker Frank Ocean, Presley Gerber and the red-headed fashion guru Grace Coddington.

Speaking about the collaboration, Calvin Klein's Chief Marketing Officer, Melisa Goldie, said: ''Through our autumn 2016 global campaign, we push the boundaries of traditional advertising with our content and our cast.''