Bella Hadid has been granted a restraining order against her alleged stalker.

A 37-year-old man was arrested last week after posting a photo of her apartment building online and they believe he was also the same man sending messages to Bella, in which he threatened her and her family, since December.

Documents obtained by E! News show that an order of protection was issued against Brian Perez on February 9.

In the official complaint, it was revealed a message sent from Perez's Instagram account late last year read, ''You want me to come? I'm going to come there now. Please don't make me come all the way down there and then there's a situation with your security or something.''

Meanwhile, Bella's older sister and fellow model Gigi Hadid previously revealed she is very protective.

She said: ''She's one of the only people I'll get aggressive for. She makes me so proud. I would do anything for her.''

And Bella has admitted to finding it much harder to cope with being in the spotlight than her sister has.

She said: ''My sister is very bubbly and very out there, and I was always very reserved. I would literally start crying and shaking if I had to do interviews at red carpet events. It was really nerve-racking and it's scary. It gets a lot better once you have to talk to people every day. Then you're like, 'OK, I guess it's my job, I have to do it!'''