Bella Freud's eponymous brand was inspired by a book she ''loved''.

The 56-year-old fashion designer launched her knitwear label in 2007, which is known for its slogan detail on the chest, and the star has admitted the collection was largely influenced by the series of texts titled 'Claudine', penned by author Claudine, which followed the life of a ''very clever, very naughty'' female protagonist.

The creative mastermind told ''I started with a small collection of knitwear inspired by a book that I really loved by Colette, called 'Claudine'. 'Claudine' was this very clever, very naughty, very sensuous girl, an interesting mixture of innocent and worldly. She lived in the early 1900s, and I imagine her for now. So instead of having an ankle-length skirt, [I designed] a micro-mini skirt, and instead of the very formal clothes that people wore in those days, I made her wear knitwear.''

And the mogul has revealed her love for the expression ''You wear your heart on your sleeve'' also contributed to her signature design.

She added: ''Since then I've built up the knitwear at the centre of my collection and I became interested in putting words on jumpers. I like the expression 'you wear your heart on your sleeve' so for me I wear my heart on my chest, on my jumpers.''

The fashion guru has recently collaborated with J Brand on a 17-piece capsule, and has also created homeware items because she thinks there is ''a lot more to fashion than just clothing''.

She explained: ''In the last five years I've developed my fashion label into candles, perfume and homeware - blankets, cushions. I don't see that as not being fashion - I like the idea that I take the fashion into different worlds. There is a lot more to fashion than just clothing. Your interior life is the most important thing of all and it's how you show people that, it's what you let people see.''