Bella Freud believes fashion is a ''really powerful communicator''.

The 56-year-old fashion designer believes a person's wardrobe choices can boost one's confidence to make them ''forget'' what they're actually wearing to the point they feel comfortable in their own skin and become their ''best self''.

Speaking about the impact of good styling to, the creative mastermind said: ''Fashion is a really powerful communicator. And the message is even more relevant today.

''I think that's the power of clothes. They can make you feel really good so you can forget about what you're wearing and you can just be your best self.''

Bella has recently collaborated with the prestigious denim company J Brand on a new 17-piece collection, but the mogul has revealed there are only two styles of jeans that suit her.

Speaking about her personal style, she said: ''When it comes to jeans I always either go for a boy cut or a wide leg shape, like the Jane ones I designed and I'm wearing today. They suit me. And pretty much nothing else does. Growing up, denim wasn't really a thing like it is now but I was always interested in it.

''I still remember my first pair, slightly paled turquoise coloured pair from the Kings Road. I didn't get loads of new things in those days so to go to a shop and find something that fitted me so well was magical.''

But Bella has revealed when she is searching for a new pair of the wardrobe staple she always chooses a style that accentuates her body shape and makes her look like she has a ''good ass and long legs.''

She explained: ''When buying jeans the most important thing to look for is a pair that makes you have a good ass and long legs and then you're winning.''