Behati Prinsloo feels ''next level love'' for her daughter Dusty Rose.

The 28-year-old model has 10-month-old daughter with her husband Adam Levine, and the catwalk icon has admitted she never thought she could possess such ''intense'' feelings for another person until she gave birth to her tiny tot in September last year.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the fashion muse said: ''I think the fact that you could love a person more than you ever thought.

''I love Adam, and when you get married and you fall in love with someone, you think that there's no greater love than that love. And then you have a baby, and it's just next-level love.''

And Behati was ''surprised'' to find her heart swelled even more when their family expanded from two to three.

The South African star continued: ''I think I was surprised by that because everybody always tells you that, and you're like, 'Yeah, yeah, whatever.' I see how much more you can love.

''You think there's a limit to love - like, 'This is the thing that I love the most' - but honestly, I think what surprised me most is how intense that love is, and also how hard, at times, it is.''

Although the couple have endured their fair share of sleepless nights following the arrival of their baby, Behati thinks tiredness is ''worth it'' when she catches a glimpse of Dusty beaming at her.

She gushed: ''It's always worth it when you see her face smiling back at you.''

The Victoria's Secret model has hailed the Maroon 5 band member as an ''incredible dad'' and she says the pair of them are ''so excited'' to watch their little girl grow up.

She said: ''I think for both of us, we're just so obsessed with being a family and having a family - seeing this next step in our life. He's such an incredible dad, and so excited to see her grow up. It's so awesome.''