Reggae stars including Beenie Man and Elephant Man are being investigated by British police who fear their anti-gay lyrics have incited the homophobic killing of a man in London.

Scotland Yard's Racial and Violent Crime Task Force is analysing "murder music" by Beenie man, Elephant Man, Buju Banton, SIZZLA, Bounty Killer, CAPLETON, T.O.K and VYBZ CARTEL, which they have linked to a gang of teenagers who murdered barman DAVID MORLEY as he left Heaven, a gay London nightclub.

Detective Chief Inspector CLIVE DRISCOLL says, "We have purchased the CDs and are having these translated from patois to English. The allegations are serious."

ANDY FORREST of gay rights group STONEWALL, adds, "Such homophobic lyrics are appalling and we want something done to stop what they call 'murder music'. They are inciting violent acts on gay people.

"We first noticed this when Buju Banton's BOOM BYE BYE was released. Soon afterwards there was a wave of attacks on gay men by youths who shouted out the lyric 'Boom bye bye batty boy.'"

02/11/2004 17:31