Reggae star Beenie Man has been banned from performing at an MTV concert after organisers learned gay activists were planning a protest over the singer's lyrics.

The Back to Basics artist, who recently issued his "sincerest apologies" in response to claims his tunes promote homophobia and hate attacks against gays and lesbians, was set to perform this Saturday (28AUG04) in Miami.

But the music network have axed his appearance to ensure the bad publicity surrounding the Jamaican star doesn't ruin the concert.

An MTV spokesperson says, "We don't want anything to overshadow what should be a great weekend of music events."

Beenie Man's manager CLYDE McKENZIE explains, "In many instances the lyrics of dancehall artists are metaphorical.

"He has made it cleat that he doesn't want to incite violence."

However, HEDDY PENA - the director of Miami gay rights group SAFEGUARDING AMERICAN VALUE FOR EVERYONE (SAVE) - counters, "We respectfully suggest that he use other metaphors."

26/08/2004 17:29