Dancehall star Beenie Man has hit out at critics who accuse him of homophobia, insisting Jamaican culture is far less prejudiced than in Israel. The HEADS HIGH hitmaker - born ANTHONY MOSES DAVIS - has had scheduled gigs in the US and UK cancelled on numerous occasions, after members of homosexual rights groups protested against the artist's lyrics, which includes material such as: "I'm dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the gays." Davis says, "I like to entertain, not hurt people. In Jamaica being gay isn't the same as in the UK. "Batty man does not mean gay. A batty man is a man dat like to have sex through the rear; he isn't gay. He could have a wife and kids, but just does that... it's also a word for the man that likes to indulge in kid prostitution, which is frowned upon, so of course we will speak out. "Gay attacks happen everywhere, why blame it on Jamaican music? In Jerusalem (Israel) if a person is gay, they can be taken to the middle of the road and cut up. But they say we are the most homophobic country in the world!"