Police banned Jamaican reggae star Beenie Man from performing in London last night (24JUN04) after complaints about his homophobic lyrics.

The musician - whose songs include references to murdering gay men and women - was questioned by London police, who pulled the plug on his gig in Hackney, east London's OCEAN venue yesterday.

Authorities feared his performance would incite violence towards the homosexual community.

Gay rights campaigner BRETT LOCK says, "We have been speaking to police for nine months about this man, among others. We believe the police told him he could be prosecuted for incitement if he sang any of his homophobic lyrics, and also that they spoke to Ocean nightclub and told them they could be liable if he does."

In BEENIE MAN's track DAMN he sings, "I'm dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the gays."

In Britain it is illegal to solicit another person to commit a crime, even if that person doesn't act upon the instruction."

25/06/2004 14:03