ROBIN and BARRY GIBB have compared the Bee Gees to troubled Oasis siblings NOEL and Liam Gallagher - calling the Britpop brothers a "more physically violent" version of themselves.
The Night Fever hitmakers reformed last month (Oct09) for their first performance since the death of their bandmate brother Maurice in 2003.
Robin admits life in a family band is never easy, as brothers have a tendency to fight - and he is convinced the recent troubles between the Gallaghers, which saw Oasis split following a bust-up at a show in France, mirrors previous feuds within the Bee Gees.
He says, "They're just copying us. We've been through all that. To be honest I'm surprised they stayed together as long as they did and I think they've gone as far as they can together."
His brother Barry adds, "They remind us of ourselves, but on a more physically violent level. We've been there and we came full circle."