The Bee Gees were almost assassinated during a concert in the 1980s, when a crazed fan fired shots at the stage while they sang.

ROBIN, BARRY and MAURICE GIBB were performing in Los Angeles when they became a "sitting target" for a would-be assassin, who shots at them twice.

Robin explains, "I found out that somebody was going to try to shoot us during one show in Los Angeles in about 1989 and (he) had shot and missed. Somebody told me afterwards that they arrested him. Members of the audience said that he fired twice

"But it's not unusual, it has happened to other artists as well. You're on stage, you're a sitting target for a loony.

"You can have them in the audience but there's nothing you can really do. It's only recently that they've started screening people for weapons at shows."

30/09/2004 14:23