Disco legends THE Bee Gees are plotting their pop comeback from Johnny Cash's old Nashville, Tennessee, home. Barry Gibb bought the lakeside pad in January (06) for $2.7 million (GBP1.5 million), and plans to reunite with surviving bandmember brother ROBIN to write new songs. The pair only recently began performing again, following the death of their brother MAURICE in 2003. Barry says, "We're bringing the house back to its original state when Johnny and JUNE (Carter Cash) purchased it. It's in a bit of disrepair. For the past five years, since Johnny and June were both very sick, it was left to rot. I love Nashville and I've got to get Robin to come because it's all about the music and once he gets here he'll understand. "It's a musical environment, it's next door to Roy Orbison's old house and the songs that have been written in that four-acre area, between those houses are amazing. "You can sit there and become inspired by that. That's what we're thinking - to have somewhere to write songs like Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash used to write. Those were great songs, you still hear them today."