Bee Gees brother Barry Gibb is heartbroken after being told his late brother MAURICE's family want him to play no part in a planned tribute album.

Gibb reveals he and siblings, Maurice and ROBIN, had fallen out five years before Maurice's sudden death in 2003 - and the feud continues two years after the tragedy.

The singer explains, "I have been deliberately disinvolved. People have actually excluded me from that process.

"Certain things were done by the people who look after my brother to stop me from being involved.

"It much more involves exploiting the Bee Gees than it does paying tribute to Mo (Maurice), and that's what's sad."

And, speaking exclusively to US news show Entertainment Tonight, Barry Gibb reveals he's more than used to family feuds he and his singing brothers rarely got along.

He blames the death of the brothers' youngest sibling ANDY in 1988 for sparking the family squabbles, and tragedy is still breaking them apart.

He says, "It (death) either fuses you together or it blows the family apart. I think it's very sad. It wasn't good for our family, to lose Andy and then Mo.

"The sense of loss that stays in the family... is the void that stays. It's real, it's touchable."