A White House Correspondents' Association board member has shot down Bill O'Reilly's announced intention of occasionally occupying the front-row seat at the White House briefing room that was recently assigned to Fox News. On his Fox News broadcast Monday night, O'Reilly remarked "I'm a Fox News credentialed guy and I can sit in the front row and believe me when I tell you, that I will be there sometime down the line. And Glenn Beck might be there. Hannity might be there. I mean it." But, contacted by Politico.com, the WHCA board member, who asked not to be identified, maintained that "Fox officials made explicit promises that the seat would be used by their news reporters, not their commentators, and the board expects them to keep their word." And late Tuesday Amy Sohnen, who exec-produces The O'Reilly Factor, told the Washington Examiner , "Bill's comments were obviously made in jest."