Conservative cable-news commentators who had led the cheering section for Republican opposition to the Democrats' healthcare plan have vowed to continue their crusade in the months ahead. A "battle" may have been lost, said Fox News's Glenn Beck, but "the war is not over. The war is just beginning." Colleague Sean Hannity charged that the Democrats had engaged in "a shredding of the Constitution." And on radio, syndicated talk-show host Rush Limbaugh declared that the Democrats had embarked upon a plan to "fundamentally wreck and destroy the United States of America as it was founded." Meanwhile, a January appearance by Congressman Alan Grayson on Chris Matthews's MSNBC program, in which Grayson was ridiculed and berated for suggesting that the healthcare bill could be passed via the reconciliation process, went viral on YouTube and provoked its own collection of broadsides from the opposite end of the political spectrum. On the liberal Daily Kos website, David Waldman wrote, "Here, Matthews had the inside story handed to him on a silver platter ... and not only does he drop it, he kicks Congressman Alan Grayson in the teeth for trying to serve it up to him." In his column in today's (Wednesday) Los Angeles Times , James Rainey writes that the YouTube clip reveals Matthews as "overweening, blustery, and just plain wrong." Rainey noted that in current MSNBC promos Matthews remarks, "It's my job to shake people up." Comments Rainey "In this instance, it appears he has shaken only himself, while Grayson appears to have been, at best, gently stirred."