Eclectic rocker Beck is planning a wholesale change for his next album - he intends to really rock out.

The LOSER hitmaker says he'll start work on his "aggressive" eighth album in Los Angeles next week (begs01SEP03).

The album is expected for release mid-2004, and follows on from last year's (02) predominantly acoustic SEA CHANGE.

Some of the material expected to appear on the new album is as old as four years, dating back to work Beck did for 1999's MIDNITE VULTURES.

He says, "My early stuff was a lot more punked out and noisy. I didn't really let myself use big guitars for a lot of years. The early '90s was so saturated by big guitars that I became really interested by what I could do if you took all the guitars out - with the space that was left.

"I've been working on (this new material) for a while, but I ended up doing Sea Change first."

Beck also revealed plans of several collaborations that will appear on the album. Acclaimed rap and hip-hop producers DAN THE AUTOMATOR and Timbaland have both been approached to work on the record.

28/08/2003 17:20