LATEST: Beck has warned fans not to expect much if they download his new album after it was leaked online - because it isn't the finished product.

Thirteen tracks from the as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2002's SEA CHANGE are available on the internet, but the songs have yet to be properly mixed and mastered.

A posting on Beck's website reads: "As some of you may have seen, the new Beck album has unceremoniously been leaked onto the masses.

"This is NOT the final album. It is an early unmixed, unmastered version that is neither the final sequence or all the tracks that will appear, so please be aware this is not what Beck intended to happen or bestow onto his fans."

The hotly-anticipated disc was originally set for an October 2004 release and is currently set to hit shelves on 28 March (05).

19/01/2005 17:02