Rocker Beck is still trying to make sense of the deaths of two acquaintances that have been linked to his Church of Scientology faith.
Theresa Duncan died of a drug overdose in July 2007 after telling friends she feared Scientologists were stalking her for trying to help Beck escape from the Church.
Her grief-stricken fiance Jeremy Blake committed suicide a week later.
Beck maintains he knew Blake socially but only knew Duncan through a film script she handed him, about a Scientologist rocker. She hoped to direct the movie with Beck as her star.
The Loser hitmaker tells Spin magazine, "I knew Jeremy briefly... I saw him maybe four or five times socially. I didn't really know him well."
But before her death, Duncan insisted Beck had been inspired by her film script and confided in her that he wanted to leave the Church of Scientology - claims Beck denies.
He adds, "He (Blake) was a friend, and so I read the thing (script) and liked it.
"But I'd been offered everything from a High Fidelity to a John Waters film, and I just turned it all down."
In a previous expose surrounding the double tragedy, Beck told Vanity Fair magazine, "We never met to discuss the film. I did explain to her I wasn't looking to act right then, and with the album, tour schedule and a baby on the way, it wouldn't be feasible."
And he tells Spin he has no plans to turn his back on Scientology, which boasts Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Lisa-Marie Presley among its other celebrity followers.
He states, "My father was doing Scientology in the 60s, so it's something that has been around for most of my life.
"I was raised celebrating Jewish holidays, and I consider myself Jewish. But I've read books on Scientology and drawn insights from that."