Rocker Beck regrets leaving a six-year gap between albums.

Devotees of the Loser hitmaker have waited six years for the rocker to release a follow-up to 2008's Modern Guilt.

He made his new album, Morning Phase, available for online streaming on Monday (17Feb14), a week earlier than its official release.

Despite having 12 studio albums to his name, he wishes he had released more material over his career.

He tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph, "I regret not putting out more records in the last 20 years, why not, all the bands we loved did. Nobody’s complaining about (Bob) Dylan having eight records by the time he was 25. Imagine if The Beatles had only put out three records in the amount of time they were together!?”

He almost made an album in 2009 but admits, “I got busy, then a few years later I felt like I’d waited too long. Like the songs weren’t relevant."

The rocker is marking his comeback with two albums. The second release is slated to be a sequel to his acclaimed 1999 album Midnite Vultures.