Rocker Beck has praised Pink's cover of his unreleased song FEELGOOD TIME - admitting the pop-punk babe "sings the chorus better than I did".

Beck insists he's axed plans to make his own version of the tune - recorded for the new Charlie's Angels: FULL THROTTLE movie - because he fears it will sound like a cover of a Pink song, even though he wrote it.

He says, "I finally heard it a week later when I got home and was surprised to find that Pink had sung over my actual recording of the song and resang the vocal arrangements I did!

"They took out some of my crazy guitar shizz and made the song a little more radio friendly.

"I was disappointed cos I wanted my version to get out there in some capacity, but now it would just sound like I was doing karaoke to Pink."

17/06/2003 09:16