Beck and Gnarls Barkley star Danger Mouse worked around the clock on their new collaborative album, admitting they've never put in so much studio time.
Beck calls the work on his new album, which was produced by Danger Mouse, the "most intensive work" he has ever done, claiming he crammed two years of songwriting into two and a half months.
He says, "I know I did at least 10 weeks with no days off, until four or five in the morning every night."
And his producer adds, "He's (Beck) like a machine. I always got tired before he did. I stayed pretty late, but I'd usually hear the next day how late it went."
The duo admits working together was a delight.
Beck explains, "It felt like we could have been making our fourth record together. It did help that we share a lot of musical references. We spent the first week just talking about different records. His knowledge is pretty deep, especially with some of the obscure late-Sixties, early-Seventies rock."
The resulting album, which is tentatively titled Modern Guilt, is expected to be rush released in June (08).