Landing a knock-out counterpunch against the founder of a group that had led a boycott against his program, Fox News commentator Glenn Beck on Sunday called the resignation of White House "green czar" Van Jones a victory for "everyday Americans." Presumably taking note that Jones's resignations was proffered on a Saturday, a day when relatively few people read newspapers or watch news programs, Beck accused the Obama administration of forcing Jones's resignation "under cover of darkness." Beck and other conservative commentators had accusEd Jones of being a black nationalist, a communist, a "committed revolutionary," and part of an overall plot by the Obama administration to impose socialism on America. In his resignation statement, Jones did not respond to any of the specific charges made by Beck and others but insisted, "They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide." Jones is a co-founder of Color of Change, a group that succeeded in persuading some three dozen advertisers to pull their commercials off Beck's program after the commentator called President Obama a "racist" who hated whites. The website commented that Jones's resignation "confirmed Beck's stature as the administration's most potent foe."