Rocker Beck has disappointed fans - after the deluxe re-release of his 1996 break-out album ODELAY was found to contain inaccurate lyrics in the accompanying booklet. The CD insert features Odelay lyrics taken from the internet - which were later found to be wrong. However, the reissue, which features rare and unreleased tracks, will contain accurate lyrics in future pressings - and fans who purchased erroneous printings will be able to exchange them for corrected versions. The singer's publicist tells, "The first pressing of the recent Odelay (reissue) was found to have gone out with unproofed lyrics that were taken from a lyrics Web site as place holders for layout purposes. "Beck apologizes for this unfortunate oversight and is making arrangements for the corrected lyrics to be available gratis via Subsequent pressings of the Odelay (reissue) will also include the corrected lyrics."