Bebe Rexha is ''still in shock'' after performing 'The Monster' with Eminem at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

The 28-year-old singer originally co-wrote the hit song, which was recorded by the rap legend featuring Rihanna in 2013, and never imagined she'd get to duet with the 'Lose Yourself' hitmaker live on stage.

Taking to Twitter after her performance on Sunday night (15.04.18), Bebe said: ''Eminem just brought me out to perform 'The Monster' with him at Coachella. I wrote the song in 2013 at a time in my life I thought achieving my dreams weren't possible.

''Five years later, my hero invites me to one of the biggest stages in the world to sing a record that means the world to me. I'm still in shock but filled with every bit of love and gratitude imaginable. (sic)''

Bebe - who was previously the singer in Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz's side project Black Cards - has released a string of hit singles since emerging in 2014 with the song 'I'm Gonna Show You Crazy' and 'The Monster'.

The 'I Got You' hitmaker teamed up with Louis Tomlinson and Digital Farm Animals on last year's 'Back to You' and most recently 'Push Back' with Ne-Yo and Nicki Minaj.

And now finally, the 'Hey Mama' singer is set to release her debut album 'Expectations' on April 22 on Warner. Bros Records.

Bebe recently teased that it will be ''raw and honest'' and that it's inspired by 90s acts such as Alanis Morissette and No Doubt.

Speaking to Billboard magazine, she said: ''There's different sides of me and what I love.

''I went back to my roots, like I loved No Doubt and Alanis Morissette and Lauryn Hill and wrote these more real, honest songs and there's a lot more guitar and I think 'Meant to Be' helped me see that you could have success with a record that's just honest and raw. It doesn't have to be hidden by 10 million sounds.''