Bebe Rexha would never release music written entirely by someone else.

The 'I Got You' hitmaker says ownership of her work is ''very important'' to her and so she wouldn't want to sing a song which is about another person's life experiences.

Speaking to the latest issue of FAULT magazine, for which she was photographed by David Yeo, Bebe said: ''For me, writing music has been like therapy. I couldn't imagine putting out an album or song without being creatively involved. It's very important for me.''

The 28-year-old pop star originally co-wrote the hit song 'Monster', which was recorded by Eminem featuring Rihanna in 2013, and Bebe says the attention she has received since has been positive because people take her more seriously as a songwriter.

She explained: ''That really changed the game for me. It changed everyone's perspective of who I was and really shone a spotlight on my songwriting, so when I transitioned into an artist, I never once had people tell me what to do.

''When you write the song yourself, people really connect with it on a different level.''

The 'Meant to Be' singer says her rise to the top of her game hasn't been an overnight success because she has always been ''quirky'', and that supporting other women in the industry is vital.

She admitted: ''It was never handed to me on a silver platter, like, here you go, you're a star! I was always the underdog.

''I was a little quirky, a little different, I would write my own songs. But I'm so supportive of other females and other artists.''

Bebe has just released her debut album, 'Expectations', which saw her explore who and where she is in life.

Explaining the process, she said: ''Life is better when you just go with the flow.

''For me, this album has been all about me trying to figure things out.''