FRASIER star Bebe Neuwirth jumped at the chance to shoot a love scene with Michael Keaton in new movie GAME 6 because she always wanted to kiss Batman's lips. The actress, who appears semi-naked in the steamy sex scene, insists she had no problems baring her rear - because it looks good, and she got to smooch one of her heroes. She says, "When I got the offer for the role, it was, 'Would you like to make out with Michael Keaton just for a day?' Yes. "Michael has a beautiful mouth; he has beautiful lips. Us girls remember in Batman that he had those very nice lips coming out of that mask." Neuwirth also enjoyed the staircase romp with Keaton in the film - because it was nice to show off her perfect bottom. She adds, "I think I have a pretty fine butt so I don't have a problem showing it. Perhaps I have a leg up, so to speak, as a dancer - hence I'm very comfortable with the physicality."