French screen siren Beatrice Dalle is "the happiest woman in the world" following her controversial marriage to a prison inmate she met on the set of a movie.

The 40-year-old wed the unnamed convict in a 15 minute ceremony at the Hermitage Jail in Brest, France, in January (05).

The BETTY BLUE star says she proposed to her new husband and is convinced they are "made for each other" even though the newlyweds are limited to one 60 minute visit each week.

Dalle says, "That adds up to perhaps 25 hours - hardly a whole day in all. But this hour we spend is so enriching that he could be anywhere, the end of the world, and I'd still go.

"It was love at first sight. Even before meeting him, when I was told about him, I joked, 'You'll see, I'll fall in love and marry him.'"

According to reports, the pair met when Dalle agreed to appear in a short film being made at another French prison, where her new husband was being held - he is thought to have a leading role in the movie.

Dalle's third husband has reportedly been held on remand for two years awaiting trial on unspecified serious charges. The actress has hired a lawyer to aid his defence.

And she insists she is unconcerned about how their life could change if he is released: "Even if we spend so little time together, it's so intense, so precious that I am sure we know each other better than some couples who have shared daily life for 10 years."

12/04/2005 13:51