THE Beatles would have remained a struggling Liverpool, England, band if producer George Martin had taken pop veteran Alvin Stardust's advice that the Fab Four were not worth signing.

Martin played Stardust a demo of LOVE ME DO in 1962 and expressed his urge to sign the now-legendary band to record label PARLOPHONE, but the MY COO-CA-CHOO singer was unimpressed with what he heard - and urged him to look elsewhere for next big thing.

But much to the relief of Stardust, Martin dismissed the singer's cutting remarks - and offered the PLEASE PLEASE ME hitmakers the deal that launched them to international superstardom.

Stardust says, "The Beatles and I worked the same clubs in the early days, and I was signed by George Martin and RON RICHARDS at Parlophone, just before they signed The Beatles.

"I was in Ron's office when George brought in a demo of Love Me Do and said he was thinking of signing the band. I told him, 'There's a better band than them - THE BIG THREE.' Luckily, George ignored my advice."

24/02/2005 14:37