The producers of hit new TV karaoke contest THE SINGING BEE have been banned from using THE Beatles and The Four Seasons hits on the show. The fun show, hosted by former 'N Sync star Joey Fatone, gives audience members the chance to croon hit songs, and fill in the words when the karaoke screen goes blank. The show has become a big hit in America, but some music industry executives are far from impressed - and they've refused to clear the classics for use on the programme. Producer Phil Gurin says, "There are certain artists who just don't clear for these kinds of shows - The Beatles being the number one. "We do have Paul MCCartney songs and John Lennon songs. We have George Harrison and Ringo (Starr) songs. We have (MCCartney band) Wings. But we don't have The Beatles. "And then there are those who fear the show will interfere with their business - right now, we don't have any of The Four Seasons because there's an embargo on that while (stage show) Jersey Boys is touring. "Others have been awkward - we finally got Abba, but, at first, it was very, very difficult because they wanted to protect the songs for the Broadway show Mamma Mia."