A new statue of THE Beatles dating back to the early 1960s has resulted in a row, after original drummer Pete Best was excluded in favour of his famous replacement Ringo Starr.

The sculpture in Hamburg is intended to commemorate the 684 concerts The Beatles played in the German city, at the time when Starr had yet to join the future superstars.

And, while bassist STUART SUTCLIFFE - who died from a brain haemorrhage in 1962 - is included in the statue's line-up, Best's replacement by Starr has angered ardent Beatles fans, who have launched a campaign for his inclusion.

Pro-Best campaigner ELIZABETH MacDONALD says, "There's no denying that Ringo Starr is the Beatle drummer most of the world recognises.

"But ask anyone who remembers The Beatles during those days and they say it was Pete who stood out, even while he was at his drum kit, behind the others.

"It's a huge disservice to deny him his rightful spot in the Hamburg sculpture."