A legal letter which is said to have led to the break-up of THE Beatles is up for sale.
The document, signed by John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, is addressed to Sir Paul MCCartney's lawyer father-in-law Lee Eastman and effectively fired him as the band's legal counsel.
Dated 18 April, 1969, the letter reads, "you are not authorized (sic) to act or hold yourself out as the attourney (sic) or legal representative of The Beatles," and requests all documents related to the band be forwarded to manager Allen Klein.
Eastman, the father of MCCartney's late wife Linda, managed the musician and acted as the band's lawyer, but a disagreement between the group members led to his dismissal.
The argument is said to have driven a wedge between MCCartney and his bandmates, which eventually led to the band's break-up in 1970.
Independent Beatles memorabilia dealer Peter Miniaci tells the New York Post the letter will be a must-have item for devoted collectors, saying, "It's a million-dollar item. It's John sending a message to Paul and Lee that he didn't want Eastman managing the band. So then the Beatles became a divided camp. It was a colossal mistake because Klein ended up taking advantage of the band, and it was dismantled shortly after the letter came out."
The letter has a $175,000 (£116,667) price tag and is for sale on curator Gary J. Zimet's website Momentsintime.com.