A whole host of celebrities have paid tribute to the late Victor Spinetti, the Welsh veteran comedy actor and writer. Spinetti died at the age of 82, after being diagnosed with cancer around a year previously. He starred in over 30 movies, including those made by The Beatles and 'Under Milk Wood' by Dylan Thomas, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.
In a video tribute, Sir Paul McCartney praised the comic actor, saying "It was kind of a knack, to get into our inner circle and it was the knack of not being bothered - not sort of thinking 'ooh, I must get into that inner circle.' Anyone who thought that, couldn't get in." The clip also includes archive footage from Barbara Windsor, talking about Spinetti's working relationship with the director Joan Littlewood. Windsor explains "I think it's an admiration. she'd just say 'Oh, Victor, oh well, yeah. Victor can do anything. Victor can do any accent, he can do anything."
Fellow Welsh comic Rob Brydon also had a few words to say about the late Spinetti, who praised Victor's humility. "Most people find it very hard to believe that any actor wouldn't want to become a success in Hollywood. That's the default setting in our society. Maybe I'm putting words in his mouth but it's not necessarily the be all and end all."