Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney is praying R+B star Rihanna performs his favourite song at the upcoming Brit Awards. MCCartney will receive the prize for Outstanding Contribution to Music at Wednesday's (20Feb08) ceremony and insists the only thing that will make his night even more memorable is to see Rihanna belt out her hit single Umbrella. The 65-year-old has appealed to the singer to make sure she chooses his preferred track on the night. He says, "I hope she doesn't sing something else. That would be the one we would all want to hear. "I love that song and I wouldn't like her to do another. So please Rihanna, hear my plea." MCCartney's in luck - Rihanna is slated to duet with British band Klaxons, who are planning on giving her 2007 smash hit an interesting new sound.