THE Beatles were signed to a "slave contract" according to former BEATLE Sir Paul McCartney, who is still furious at the way the supergroup were treated in the early sixties.

The YESTERDAY hitmaker believes he and bandmate John Lennon were exploited and robbed by an unscrupulous lawyer when they were naive young men.

He says, "John and I were taken for a ride. No doubt about it.

"We were in a little mews in Liverpool one morning, and there was this lawyer, who we later found out was sort of ours. He didn't look like ours, and he certainly didn't do a deal like he was ours! And he just said, 'Oh just sign there', and we said, 'Is it all right?' And he said, 'Yeah.'

"Bang! We'd signed the whole thing away one morning before getting on a train, and we just didn't understand what it was.

"So in other words, yeah, we were signed to a slave contract."