Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney hopes to succeed where world leaders have failed - by bringing peace to Israel.
The Hey Jude hitmaker is set to play a concert in Israel's capital Tel Aviv next week (25Sep08) - more than 40 years after the Fab Four were banned from the country amid fears they would corrupt the its youth.
The planned gig has been dogged with controversy after reports suicide bombers were planning to target the event.
But MCCartney is determined the show will go ahead - and even hopes it will convince the troubled state to work towards a peace deal with Palestine.
He says, "I like to think that if I go to a place it becomes evident that my message is a peaceful one - and I hope that the idea will spread.
"It often does happen. You'll go to a place and it can affect the whole audience."
Speaking of being barred from playing in Israel at the height of the Beatle's popularity in 1965, MCCartney adds: "They said we were bad for the youth of Israel, and I think that was a mistake - I don't think we were that bad.
"But you know what, we took it as fun. It didn't really worry us, we just played somewhere else."