A lost interview with late Beatles star John Lennon has been published for the first time in 41 years.
Lennon, who was fatally shot in New York City in 1980, was interviewed by student Maurice Hindle in 1968 for an article which was published in a university magazine.
Hindle, now an author, hitchhiked to the star's home in Surrey, England with a pal to conduct the chat, which lasted over six hours and saw Lennon admit the Beatles 'sold out' to get to the top.
Lennon says in the interview, now published by Britain's New Statesman magazine, "OK so we mop-topped it to get where I am - I'm here. There have been millions of changes, of course, but I'm still doing exactly the same thing I was doing at school, or at art school, and as a Beatle. I'm not going to get myself crucified if I can help it, and so I've compromised.
"But I just want to see someone who hasn't, and who's still alive. I've always said that 'Don't drop out man - just stay in and subvert it!'"