Late Beatles legend John Lennon used to enjoy spiking his friends' drinks with drugs, according to British showbiz veteran JIMMY TARBUCK.

The pair attended the same primary school in Liverpool together, and remained close through the IMAGINE star's life.

But Tarbuck, 63, was often on the receiving end of Lennon's naughty pranks, where he added the amphetamine drug speed to his pal's drink.

Tarbuck says,"You'd leave your drinks around, or you'd nod off or something.

"Then John would drop speed in your drink. You'd be high as a kite for days.

"But Lennon just thought it was all hysterically funny.

"He was a good lad. One of the lads - a good laugh. All The Beatles were, in their own way."

11/01/2004 10:30