JOHN LENNON still wants us to give peace a chance from beyond the grave, according to psychics who staged a televised pay-per-view seance with the late beatle in America last night (24APR06). The ghost whisperers, led by British medium JOE POWER, visited a series of famous Lennon haunts, including Strawberry Fields and The Cavern Club in the rocker's native Liverpool, England, as part of the controversial special, THE SPIRIT OF JOHN LENNON. But it was an eerie seance in New York restaurant La Fortuna which conjured up Lennon's spirit - and gave viewers a chill when the dead star appeared to be communicating to the living through Electric Voice Phenomenon (EVP). Audio experts uncovered the voice from beyond the grave when they played back a tape of Power speaking; during a silence, they heard a voice state, "Peace... The message is peace." The eerie moment was heightened on TV when a crew member's voice suggested something "odd" had happened. The muffled voice was then played back. EVP expert SANDRA BELINGER, who claims the dead can reach the living through TV and radio signals, was on hand to declare the voice did sound like Lennon's. Show producer Paul Sharratt has declared the televised seance a huge success - making a believer out of him. Sharratt's last pay-per-view special on DIANA, Princess Of Wales was savaged by many critics when the so-called experts failed to make any contact during a seance.