The early life of Beatles frontman John Lennon is to be the subject of a new film due to be made next year.

Lennon endured a strict upbringing under the watchful eyes of his Aunt Mimi during his teenage years, but was a rebellious and witty teenager in 1950s Liverpool.

The story of his youth, which culminated in the formation of the Beatles after he met Paul McCartney and George Harrison, will be told in a new film by Mancunian writer Matt Greenhalgh.

The writer said he was approached by the producers of Lennon – the proposed film's working title – because they had been impressed by his work on Control, a movie about the life of Joy Division's Ian Curtis which is due for release this October.

"It came to me off the back of Control - the producers of Lennon saw Control and then asked me if I'd consider doing their script for them," he told the Manchester Evening News.

"It wasn't a particularly hard decision for me to say yes."

Lennon's life was most recently the subject of a cinema film in last year's The US vs John Lennon, which concentrated on his status as an anti-war activist during the late 1960s and 1970s.

31/08/2007 16:08:32