THE Beatles' former manager Brian Epstein romanced singers ALMA COGAN and Marianne Faithfull despite his homosexuality, in a desperate bid to bow to convention and find a wife.

The tragic music mogul was unrequitedly in love with John Lennon, but his traditional Jewish parents were anxious for him to settle into family life.

And Epstein accordingly pursued two of the era's most sought after women, Cogan and Faithfull - but Cogan was put off by his reluctance to commit to her and Faithfull was too promiscuous.

Epstein's former assistant TONY BRAMWELL explains in his memoirs MAGICAL MYSTERY TOURS: MY LIFE WITH THE BEATLES, "His family started to put pressure on. They were Jewish, traditional. His parents wanted to see him settled down with children before they died.

"I think he probably did ask Alma and Marianne to marry him, but I don't know if he'd have actually gone through with it.

"Brian didn't realise how promiscuous Marianne was because she had the face of an angel.

"To him, she was a virginal schoolgirl and he appeared to romantically imagine that all he would have to do in the bedroom would be to brush her golden hair and lay out a Victorian nightgown."