Beatles legend George Harrison's widow has hit back at comments made by those organising her late husband's memorial as "offensive".

Olivia Harrison, 54, is furious she has been publicly told to hurry up in deciding a fitting tribute to her late spouse, who died of cancer in 2001 at the age of 58.

Harrison met with members of HENLEY TOWN COUNCIL in Oxfordshire six months ago (03) to discuss a memorial to the SOMETHING singer, but has not yet decided on their offers - resulting in mayor elect CHRIS PYE's comment she needs to be "kicked into gear".

Harrison comments, "This makes me wonder whether it might be best to abandon the proposal altogether.

"I've had two intense years of family matters to attend to. This memorial will be for the rest of time.

"Let's make sure it's given proper consideration."

16/05/2004 10:15