Rap legends Wu-Tang Clan have confirmed they've been given permission to use the first-ever sample of a song by the Beatles.

The supergroup's new album 8 Diagrams will feature a cover of White Album track While My Guitar Gently Weeps, with a blog on the Wu-Tang Clan's MySpace page confirming the official sampling.

RZA, the group's leader, had confirmed in August that the cover was planned, adding that George Harrison's son Dhani was to play drums on the song.

"He's the biggest Wu-Tan fan in the world." said RZA at the time, adding: "I told him I would be honoured if he played his father's song."

But yesterday's message confirms the hip-hop kings are breaking new ground with their upcoming album.

It reads: "Special thanks to Danny Harrison (sic) and Erykah Badu for helping bring this song to life!! Also thanks to the Harrison Estate and The Beatles for helping make this possible!!"

Gnarls Barkley member DJ Dangermouse used a sample of While My Guitar Gently Weeps for his illegal 2004 mash-up piece The Grey Album, which mixed acapella rap tracks from Jay-Z's The Black Album with instrumental backing from the Beatles' White Album.

The new Wu-Tang version, however - retitled Gently Weeps - will be the first track to ever legally mine the Beatles' back catalogue.

03/10/2007 14:18:09