LATEST: The 'fifth BEATLE' Neil Aspinall has reportedly quit as Apple Corps chief executive over fears the legendary band were being turned into a "cash cow." Aspinall, a longtime friend of Sir Paul McCartney and George Harrison and the Fab Four's first road manager, stunned the music world when he walked away from the group's Abbey Road headquarters in London yesterday (10APR07). The 64-year-old, known as the guardian of The Beatles' commercial interests, was the mastermind behind the BEATLES ANTHOLOGY package and the BEATLES 1 hits album. The Apple Corps spokesman added Aspinall "had been with John, Paul, George and Ringo for a spectacular 40 plus years, during which he played an indispensable role for the four". However, a music insider tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "Neil quit because he couldn't deal with the interference from the board at Apple. "They want to make as much money as possible. There is a plan to flood the market and put out a newly-remastered Beatles back-catalogue. "Neil was against making the Beatles a cash cow."