A huge collection of previously unseen photographs of THE Beatles on the set of their 1965 movie HELP! has been discovered after 35 years in storage.

The 500 images, which have been published in new book NOW THESE DAYS ARE GONE, were found at the University of Dundee, Scotland.

Photographer Michael Peto bequeathed his entire archive to the institution after his death in 1970 - but the university only found the shots of the Fab Four when they were preparing the collection for digital storage.

Editor ROBBIE ELSON says, "The pictures are so extraordinary because of the access. You just wouldn't get such unstaged, candid pictures of pop stars these days.

"Unfortunately, a lot of these pictures are a mystery, Michael Peto was not an archivist and left us very little information with his work.

"I found it almost impossible to believe that someone took all these pictures of the biggest band in history and did not mention them to anyone. We think Peto was commissioned by a paper but no one ever printed them. The mystery remains."