THE Beatles had a quirky way of ending the week while they were recording classic album ABBEY ROAD - with a lavish steak dinner. The Fab Four would reward themselves for a week of hard work in the studio by ordering a full steak meal from their favourite local Italian restaurant. GEOFF EMERICK, who was just 18 when he was hired to work alongside producer George Martin at Abbey Road on the iconic album, recalls how fussy the Beatles were about their Friday steak dinner. He says, "They would have a steak sent in from the local Italian restaurant. The waiter would come in and lay the tablecloth down in the studio and serve the steak on a silver platter. "Very rarely were we asked to eat with them - they wanted their space in the confines of the studio." And steak wasn't the only thing the four bandmates were particular about - they didn't like anyone dipping into their stack of chocolates and biscuits. Emerick adds, "No one went near their cookies! Yoko Ono took one of George Harrison's cookies off the speaker one night and he exploded in rage.