A campaign has been launched to have former Beatles manager Brian Epstein inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Music producer Martin Lewis has set up a petition on website brianepstein.com to have the star posthumously honoured by the institution as it is a "travesty" Epstein has not received the honour before now. Lewis says, "The Hall Of Fame rightly includes the Beatles as a band, plus two knights of the British realm - (Beatles producer) Sir George Martin and Sir Paul MCCartney. "And one belated day they will induct George Harrison and Ringo Starr for their solo work too. But there is another who belongs: Brian Epstein. "He has never been included on the list of non-performers selected by the Hall's nominating committee. Such a grave oversight should be brought to the attention of those who have the power to remedy this travesty." Epstein died in 1967, aged 32, after suffering a drug overdose. Beatles producer Sir George Martin and Epstein's nephew Harry have already lent their names to the petition.