THE Beatles original drummer Pete Best hopes to reunite with his former bandmate Paul McCartney - as he hasn't seen the star for over 40 years.
The 66-year-old musician was part of the Fab Four from 1960 to 1962, before Ringo Starr was drafted into the band to take his place.
Best insists he was good friends with the rest of the band before his departure - and hopes that he and MCCartney will one day be able to revive their relationship.
He says, "I would like to see Paul one more time in my life, just to catch up. Talk about our kids and grandkids, compare notes on where we've been and where we're going.
"It was Paul who actually talked the others into letting me into the band because he thought I was a good fit - and they couldn't find another decent drummer at the time.
"You know, as old friends go, people move in their own directions and you lose touch. We were kids back when we really hung out."