THE Beatles' debut on the Ed Sullivan SHOW and the M*A*S*H finale have joined major news events like the funeral of JOHN J KENNEDY, the moon landing and the Twin Towers' collapse in a new top 10 list of Memorable TV Moments.

Editors of US TV magazine TV GUIDE have drawn up a list of 100 TV moments that captured American viewers' imagination and became national talking points for days and weeks.

The reports of the terrorist attacks on New York in 2001 top the list, with Neil Armstrong's moon walk claiming the runner-up spot and the 1986 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger coming in at number three.

The FAB FOUR's American TV debut in 1964 is the highest ranked showbiz moment at number five. The top 20 is:

1. South Tower Collapses/9/11 Reports (2001) 2. Moon Landing (1969) 3. The Challenger Explodes (1986) 4. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR's 'I Have A Dream' Sermon (1963) 5. THE BEATLES on ED SULLIVAN (1964) 6. John F Kennedy's State Funeral (1963) 7. ALEX HALEY's ROOTS Debuts (1977) 8. M*A*S*H's Final Episode (1983) 9. I LOVE LUCY Conveyor Belt Comedy Skit (1952) 10. WHO SHOT J.R.? (1980) 11. The OJ Simpson Verdict (1995) 12. OJ SIMPSON's Televised Bronco Ride (1994) 13. Tiananmen Square Massacre in China (1989) 14. JACK RUBY kills LEE HARVEY OSWALD (1963) 15. The Bombing of Baghdad (1991) 16. The Royal Wedding (CHARLES + DIANA) (1981) 17. Racing Driver DALE EARNHARDT Dies In Crash (2001)

18. Sammy Davis Jr kisses TV bigot ARCHIE BUNKER in ALL IN THE FAMILY

(1972) 19. PRESIDENT CLINTON Denies MONICA LEWINSKY Affair (1998)

20. Seinfeld's MASTER OF YOUR DOMAIN Episode (1992).

02/12/2004 09:42