The Fab Four's back catalogue will be placed on nine Internet music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and Google Play on Christmas Eve (24Dec15).

The songs will also be on Tidal, Microsoft Groove, Napster, Deezer, and Slacker Radio.

The legendary band has been famously slow to embrace online music services and their tracks were not even available via iTunes until 2010, so fans will be thrilled with the streaming announcement on Wednesday (23Dec15).

Mark Mulligan, from media research company Midia, tells the BBC, "There's a really simply reason why the Beatles catalogue took so long to join streaming services - their publishers didn't want to do anything to damage potential sales of reissues and retrospectives - it's a very lucrative catalogue.

"But they've waited until the market has got some scale and they could get the best deal. It's a big PR catch as it helps communicate that the platforms are 'all the music in the world' - which is the value proposition of streaming services."